International Conference on Management Practices for the New Economy

Страна: Индия

Город: Noida

Тезисы до: 31.08.2016

Даты: 10.02.17 — 11.02.17

Область наук: Экономические;

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Организаторы: Jaipuria Institute of Management, NOIDA


Since the birth of modern economy, the death of once successful companies has been a fact of life. Limited by their ability to respond to disruptive change, only select few companies have managed to survive and remain dominant in their industries over the last 50 years.

Today, the key determinant of whether any established business will survive is its ability to adapt to the changes brought on by the new economy.

In the past two decades ways of doing business have changed, so we have the ways of connecting and engaging with the consumer. The consumer too has changed drastically in terms of expectations, patience levels, choice options, multi-tasking nature of work, paucity of time, and demand for one on one customization. In addition, they make or break a company, push them up to the skies or bring them to their knees in a matter of minutes through digital retribution. The new economy employees too have changed completely demanding better, more flexible options in their workplace practices.

Traditional management practices were successful in the old economy. The needs have changed for managers to cope with the new way of life in business. Startups have brought a whole new ecosystem of marketing practices, crowd sourcing of funds and ideas, lean and mean organizational structures and a very young work force. New management practices need to be developed. Efforts are already on in various domains, some of the new ways being directly transplanted from experiences in other countries and others which are adapted or created specifically to suit local contexts.

The International Conference on Management Practices for the New Economy (ICMAPRANE) 2017 has the goal of showcasing speakers and researchers who are working at the cutting edge of this new economy. The canvas is broad ranging across Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Operations, Sustainability, Governance, General Management, Strategy, Organizational Behaviour, Finance, Manufacturing, Data Handling, and Analytics to name a few.

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