COGI - The multidisciplinary Gynecology Congress The 24th World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI)

Страна: Нидерланды

Город: Amsterdam

Тезисы до: 31.08.2016

Даты: 10.11.16 — 13.11.16

Область наук: Медицинские;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: CongressMed




    Principles of ovarian stimulation
    Gonadotropin Isoforms
    Ovarian stimulation- the role of hCG
    Where AMH fits into controlled ovarian stimulation
    Low ovarian reserve
    Infertility in older age
    Quality of Laboratory work
    Lab-technologies needed to maximize success
    PGS- central or marginal role in improving the results of ART?
    Time Lapse: Does it add to laboratory work?
    Fertility preservation: Ovarian and oocyte cryopreservation
    Recent advances and new frontier in cryopreservation
    Implantation failure
    Genetic endometrial receptivity map
    Recurrent miscarriages: New pathological pathways
    Dealing with ART failure: What to offer next?
    Metabolic dysfunction and its implications
    WHO: Infertility guidelines
    Treating fibroids in infertile women
    Mechanical infertility
    How to treat Adenomyosis in infertile women?
    Does endometriosis affect ART results?
    RTD: Burning clinical issues
    Nnutritional supplements for fertility: Evidence based?
    Mitochondrial diseases and mitochondrial addition
    Update on male infertility
    Can ovarian response to stimulation predict early menopause
    Highly cited Dutch research in Reproductive Medicine



    Epidemiology of HPV and cancer
    HPV tests for screening
    The value and opportunities of HPV vaccines
    Healthy female aging
    Life style and menopause
    HRT and Osteoporosis Prevention
    Management and Menopause
    Non hormonal management of menopause
    Calcium and Vitamin-D: Protection or Harm?
    Vulvovaginal atrophy: What can be achieved by laser?
    HRT and Osteoporosis Prevention: Are we under-using the best treatment option?
    Is the risk of thromboembolism different with different pills?
    Mechanism of OC’s related thrombosis.
    Management of endometriosis
    Fertility preservation in women with endometriosis
    Ovarian reserve following endometrioma excision
    Medical or Surgical treatment for fibroids



    The great Obstetrical Syndromes: Common pathways and possibilities of prevention
    Gestational Diabetes
    Prevention of Pregnancy Complications Preeclampsia
    Angiogenic factors in the diagnosis and short term prediction of preeclampsia
    The debate goes on: Progesterone, Cerclage, Arabin Pessary?
    Preterm Birth: Still an enigma but progesterone can help to prevent
    Avoiding Recurrent Miscarriage: Do we have a clue?
    Prenatal diagnosis in the ERA of NIPT
    Intrapartum fetal monitoring Benefit or Risk?
    Perspective on preconception care and future health of off-spring
    Vitamins what is new?
    Omega 3 during pregnancy: Worth taking?
    What is the optimal weight gain?
    Exercise: What is OK and what is not
    Fetal risks to obese patient. How to deliver the morbidly obese patient?
    Can we prevent neurological disorders in the mother and the newborn?
    Second stage of labor: How long is too long
    Can better understanding decrease litigation?
    Intrapartum fetal monitoring
    Vacuum Vs. forceps
    Does a Caesarean section increase the time to a second live birth?
    CS Vs. instrumental delivery at the second stage
    Cesarean section: Classification and its meaning

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