16th International MELOW Conference Theme: Facts, Distortions and Erasures: Literature as History; History in Literature

Страна: Индия

Город: Chandigarh

Тезисы до: 01.09.2016

Даты: 03.03.17 — 05.03.17

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: melusmelow@gmail.com

Организаторы: The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the World


Literature has ever shared an intimate relationship with history. History has provided the background and context to literary works down the centuries and remains one of the many sources of inspiration for a writer. Our perception of the history-literature interface keeps changing as time goes on and in recent decades, contemporary theoretical developments have yet again changed the understanding of literature’s connection with history and enabled us to see the literary text in more ways than one. We may now see ‘literature in history’ (Brannigan) and history in literature, taking the literary text as unofficially recorded history, focusing on the ‘historicity of texts’ and the ‘textuality of history’ (Montrose), History now conceives itself as exploration rather than discovery, as reinscription rather than reproduction; through its revisionism it interrogates the master-narratives to salvage and include in its corpus little narratives, local knowledges, collective memories and oral stories long kept outside the official episteme.

            The 16th MELOW International Conference would seek to explore the changing relationships between history and literature, focusing on a broad expanse that includes literature across borders of time and space. Areas of exploration would relate literature and its representations in history, recorded and unrecorded. These may include but are not limited to the following:

·       Theoretical issues: reading strategies, contemporary views of history, grand narratives and little stories.

·       History, memory and literary representation: historical events commemorated in literature; creative use of historical sources.

·       Reconfigurations: figmentation, fabrication and fictionalization of historical characters; condensation and displacement.

·       Re-centering: magnification of marginalized characters, unheard/ignored voices and events.

·       Counter-narratives: Revisioning and re-interpretation of traditional accounts.

·       Search for truth: intermingling of fact and fiction.

·       Whose story? Her-story as history.

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