Sub-THz active assembly with mechanical scanning for security systems

General view of  assembly and  its parts

Fig. 1. General view of  assembly and  its parts (click to view full-size)

Fig. 2 (click to view full-size)

Purpose :

Inspection of content in packages that are transparent in sub-terahertz spectral range (paper, plastic, polyfoam, gypsum plasterboard, unhumid wood, footwear sole, knapsacks, etc.)

Main technical specifications :

  • active mode (with using a radiation source)
  • operation frequency 70+-15, 140+-3, 280+-10 GHz
  • doesn't need additional cooling
  • scanning speed 2 min.
  • image format 60х>=40 pixels
  • operating region 60х>=40 mm<sup>2</sup> (can be extended)
  • dynamic range >=40 dB


Fig. 2. Dielectric objects at 275 GHz hidden inside a hollowing polyfoam package (not seen for detection in X-Ray, visible and IR spectra).

Ukraine, V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine,