Design and manufacturing of mixed (analog-digital) integrated circuits, on demand (ASIC)


  • Electronic multiplication charge-couple devices (EM CCD);
  • CMOS technologies with design rules 0.13-0.8 mkm;
  • CMOS optoelectronic technologies with design rules >=0.35 mkm.


  • Photo-matrix arrays of format 1024х1024, 640х512 and lower;
  • Photo-linear arrays up to 104 sensitive elements with minimum pixel size 7 mkm;
  • Read-out integration circuits (ROICs) for matrix infrared (IR) detectors;
  • ROICs for linear IR arrays with TDI (time delay and integration) function.
  • Design and manufacturing of THz and sub-THz detectors (single and multi-element arrays) and active technical systems vision on their base comprising peripheral digital and analog circuits of information processing in integral and hybrid version.
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