FemtoScan – multifunctional scanning probe microscope with full Internet control

General view of scanning probe microscope FemtoScan (а)

АFМ images of matrix surface of DVD disk: 3D (b), 2D (c) and cross section along a line (d)


for the study of surface morphology and local properties with subnanometer space resolution in air and liquids.

More than 50 different modes, including:

  • сontact atomic force microscopy;
  • resonance atomic force microscopy;
  • non-contact atomic force microscopy;
  • scanning friction microscopy;
  • scanning tunneling microscopy;
  • tunneling spectroscopy;
  • scanning resistivity microscopy;
  • electrostatic force microscopy;
  • magnetic force microscopy;
  • force mapping;
  • nanolithography etc.

Controllable sample heating.

Ukraine, V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine, E. Svezhentsova (e-mail: katt4@ukr.net)