The 17th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology 2017

Страна: Япония

Город: Tokyo

Тезисы до: 31.10.2016

Даты: 21.08.17 — 25.08.17

Область наук: Психологические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: istp2017 at

Организаторы: International Society for Theoretical Psychology


The Ethos of Theorizing

The 2017 International Society for Theoretical Psychology in Tokyo is the 17th ISTP conference and the first one held in Japan. We have chosen “The Ethos of Theorizing” as the 2017 conference theme to reflect the ethical dimension of psychology as subject matter and discipline. Theorizing, including our epistemological and ontological concepts, is deeply embedded in ethical and normative considerations. For example, objectivity is foremost a virtue and truth and truthfulness are clearly interconnected. Thus, theorizing in psychology is not just an activity, but a practice that engages theoretical psychologists deeply and calls us to take responsibility for doing “good” theory. In deconstructing and critiquing the status quo, we also construct theory and build bridges between geographical locations, the past and the present, and the diversity of theoretical commitments. This theme then invites reflections on our incursions into culture and the aims of our theoretical practice.


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