Rap and Hip Hop Culture

Страна: США

Город: Albuquerque

Тезисы до: 10.11.2016

Даты: 15.02.17 — 18.02.17

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: rtinajero@pqc.edu

Организаторы: Pop Culture and American Culture Association


Proposals are now being accepted for the Rap and Hip Hop Culture area.  We had excellent representation in this Area last year and we are looking to expand in both quantity and complexity for this year’s conference.  We are particularly interested in proposals that address the following but will consider any proposal that deals with rap music and hip hop culture:

    Intersections of Hip Hop and Pedagogy

    Rap Music, Hip Hop Culture, and Space/Place

    Theoretical approaches to Hip Hop (i.e., Language Theory/Postmodernism/Social Theory)

    Rap, Hip Hop, and Academic Disciplinarity

    Rhetorical Approaches to Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture

    Rap, Hip Hop, and Film/Documentary

    Hip Hop Subjectivities/Agency

    Anthropological/Sociological approaches to Hip Hop Culture

    Economics and Hip Hop Culture

    Discussions of international Hip Hop

    Intersections of Hip Hop and Religion/Theology

    Hip Hop and Technology

    Latino Hip Hop

    Women and Hip Hop

    Hip Hop in the age of Obama


    As always, papers and panels that consider the myriad ways that Rap Music and Hip Hop culture impact and feed upon popular and American culture are encouraged.  This area should be construed broadly, and we seek papers that aren’t afraid to take risks.  Proposals from graduate students are particularly welcome.

Веб-сайт конференции: https://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/cfp/2016/08/17/rap-and-hip-hop-culture-cfp