International Development Youth Forum2017

Страна: Япония;

Дедлайн: 27.11.2016



 Currently, the world population has increased to more than 7 billion. As it can be seen in the growth of BRICS, many countries have gotten out of the poverty and been enjoying the development.

     However, the tendency that only some parts of the world accumulate wealth still continues. Under the snare of the poverty, the poorest still exists, and the disparity of wealth is increasing.
   Even in such a difficult situation, many youths, not only from Japan but also from all over the world, are interested in international development field, and consider the career in the field. Despite their concern and their career set in such area, the opportunity for those youths to interact with each other is limited.

     We founded the International Development Youth Forum, in 2013, to provide the chance for youths with the interest in international development to meet each other, to know the situation in other countries, to share different ideas, and to create output for better society together. Through such experiences, we hope to establish special relationship that will continue in future.


1. Build a sustainable network among youth who are interested in International Development

  • We build continuous network which participants can utilize in their future by inviting youth from all over the world who are interested in international development.
  • We strengthen the network of participants, by inviting more participants to the forum in the future.
  • We develop network among participants who attend the forum in different year by organizing reunion of alumni.

2. Provide opportunities for participants to embrace diversified values and acquire extensive knowledge

  • We provide opportunity to broaden knowledge or way of thinking through lectures or fieldwork according to the theme of the forum.
  • We provide opportunity to deepen one’s value through discussion in which participants meet with different value of others who have different backgrounds.

3. Accomplish realistic goals and bring about change to society

  • We make effort to produce outcomes which have value to society, not merely satisfy participants.
  • We provide opportunity to know what is needed to change society for the first step of participants' career.