PhD Research Fellowship in Astrophysics at University of Oslo in Norway

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Дедлайн: 31.01.2017



Welcome to the University of Oslo online recruiting system!

Before you start completing this online application form, please take a moment to carefully study the guide below. Detailed information about the hiring process and working at UiO is available at Jobs at UiO. If you have questions, see whom you can contact.


  1. Overview of the application process
    The grey belt at the top indicates the seven steps of the application process that you must go through. The step you are at will be highlighted in white. Right now you are at the initial step “Privacy Policy”. The actual application process starts when you start filling in “Personal Details”. You will then have four consecutive hours to complete and submit the application form. During the application process you can navigate freely between the different steps and reedit your entries. However, it is not possible to save and close your application and then continue working on it later. Nor can you change the application once it has been submitted. You may, however, change your CV at any time.

  2. Preparations
    Before starting the application process, consider creating a job-seeker account and make sure you have the following documents available in electronic format (word, pdf, txt; maximum 10 MB per attachment):
    a) CV - upload under “Various”
    b) Application letter - upload or paste in under “Application”
    c) Other supporting documents required in the job announcement, e.g. project description, list of publications, reference letters - upload under “Application”
    Note: If you already have a job-seeker account at UiO, you may log in to it at the bottom of this page and access the information stored there for use in the current application.

  3. Exemption from inclusion in the published list of applicants
    Generally in Norway, lists of applicants for public sector jobs are made publically available, cf. The Norwegian Freedom of Information Act (Offentleglova) § 25 (Norwegian) ( Applicants who wish that their job application be handled confidentially must request this specifically (under “Personal Details”) and provide a reason for their request (under “Application”).

  4. Privacy statement and login
    To initiate the application process, you must read and accept the privacy statement below and click the “Next” button. If you are already a registered user of our recruiting system, please enter your user-name and password, click “Login” and then “Next”.

  5. Complete the application form
    Use portableCV or fill in all required fields (marked with a red star), completing all the steps of the application. Check if you can import information with the portableCV feature. Under “Education and Experience” it is not sufficient to refer to your uploaded CV. These fields must be completed as we use them to generate the list of applicants. You may add as many entries as you wish in the fields for education and experience.

  6. Create user-name and password
    At the last step “Login Information”, you can create a user-name and a password enabling you to save the data and use it again in future applications to UiO.

  7. Check your application
    After completing the “Login Information”, you will get an overview of your application. Please check all the information you have entered and the documents you have uploaded. You may go back to the previous steps and make changes before submitting the application. With the exception of your CV, it is not possible to change the application once it has been submitted.

  8. Submit your application
    When your application is complete, click the “Send Application” button at the bottom right of the application overview.

Please note!

  • The application form must be completed within four consecutive hours. If you need more time, we recommend you create a job-seeker account prior to starting the application process.

  • You must complete the form in one single session. It is not possible to save your entries temporarily and return to complete the form in a later session.

  • With the exception of your CV, it is not possible to change your application once it has been submitted.

  • You may navigate back and forth in the application form by using the “Next” and “Back” buttons at the bottom right of the screen. It is not possible to use the navigation buttons at the top of your browser window.

  • Make sure you save the information you have entered by clicking the “Next” button before you go back to reedit a previous step.

  • It is only possible to upload 10 MB per attachment.

Privacy Statement

The information you have provided in your application and CV is stored in our database solely for recruiting purposes. We guarantee that this personal information will not be used for other purposes or by other organisations. We further guarantee that this information will only be used by the University of Oslo (UiO) for recruiting purposes. Information will not be stored longer than is necessary to meet our commitment to you and to comply with current legislation regulating the storage of personal information.

In connection with the application process, UiO uses recruiting solutions provided by Lumesse. This company will have access to your personal information only to the extent necessary to provide these recruiting solutions and user support.

By contacting the Organisation and Personnel Department at UiO, you can request to see your personal information and how it is used. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that it be corrected, supplemented or removed. If you have created a user account in the online recruiting solution, you can delete this account or change your registered information yourself by logging in with your username and password. UiO is responsible for the processing of personal information and is located at: Lucy Smith’s Building, Problemveien 7, 0316 Oslo, Norway.

Should you have any questions concerning our recruiting processes, you may contact us at

Please note that much of the communication during the recruiting process occurs via e-mail and that all applicants must accept our privacy policy in order to submit an electronic application or register a user account in our recruiting solution.