Economic Integration and Marketing

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The Journal of Euromarketing is the official Journal of the International Management Development Association (IMDA) published by IMDA Press. It is a premier publication outlet in international marketing with a focus on Europe, emerging nations and other countries. It serves the academics, practitioners, and public policymakers on issues pertaining to marketing and related disciplines.

Economic integration can be achieved at three levels: (1) global level under WTO, (2) regional level through in various regions of the world (e.g., EU, NAFTA, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, or TPP), and (3) bilateral level between nations through free trade agreements. Manuscripts pertaining to integration and marketing at all three levels are welcome.

Possible topics are as follows.

  • Investigate how economic integration affects marketing at macro (national) and micro (industry specific) level. Relate geopolitics, size of the nation, geographic location, globalization, democracy, economic freedom, environment or culture to the phenomenon.
  • Discuss the effect of “trade creation” and “trade diversion” in marketing.
  • Determine the effect of economic integration on international trade, direct investment, and marketing decisions of the multinational corporations.
  • Examine the relationship between integration and various concepts in marketing, viz., country of origin, consumption convergence, standardization-adaptation, or marketing productivity.
  • Offer policy suggestions for business and governments pertaining to integration and marketing. Is more integration good for marketing?
  • Study methodological issues in measuring economic integration and relate them to marketing.

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