Source-to-sink system analysis of petroliferous and other sedimentary basins

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The source-to-sink (S2S) system comprises all areas that contribute to erosion, transportation and deposition of sediments within an erosional-depositional system. The S2S system is often described in terms of its dynamic processes and responsive mechanisms among the various autogenic and allogenic forcing conditions that govern the sediment erosional, dispersal and depositional systems. Sediment distribution in a S2S system is dependent on variables such as drainage-basin morphology, tectonics and climate and varies with temporal and spatial scales of investigation. Previous studies that have focused on sediment distribution in response to tectonic and climate variations within individual environments of deposition, including fluvial, shallow-marine, and deep-marine settings. Studies that link all of the environments of deposition and the erosion zone of sediment source areas improve the understanding of short- and long-term development of the S2S system and how geomorphologic and depositional elements are related in petroliferous and other sedimentary basins. The analyses of S2S systems have gained traction in academia, and recently they have been applied to exploration for natural resources. It is timely to summarize the state of the art and future opportunities for S2S analyses of petroliferous and other sedimentary basins. We invite contributions that link depositional environments in the subsurface to climate and tectonic controls. We aim to highlight new methodologies for basin-margin stratigraphic predictions in S2S systems.

The editors of Interpretation ( invite papers on the topic Source-to-sink system analysis of petroliferous and other sedimentary basins for publication in the November 2017 special section to supplement the journal’s regular technical papers on various subject areas.

We are seeking submissions including but not limited to:

    The morphological and sedimentological aspect of erosional-depositional systems
    Sediment supply, transport and depositional dynamic processes and mechanisms
    Interpretations linked to depositional environment and process
    New insights, methods and techniques in S2S analysis
    Provenance identification and S2S analysis
    Sediment dispersal system
    Case studies

Interested authors should submit their manuscripts for review no later than 20 January 2017. In addition, the special section editors would like to receive a provisional title and list of authors as soon as possible. Authors should submit via the normal online submission system for Interpretation ( and select the Source-to-sink system analysis of petroliferous and other sedimentary basins special section in the dropdown menu. The submitted papers will be subject to the regular peer-review process, and the contributing authors are also expected to participate in the review process as reviewers.

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