Popular C ommunication: The International Journal of Media and Culture

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Тезисы до: 15.12.2016

Даты: 15.12.16 — 15.12.16

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Организаторы: Human Rights Memory


The focus i s global and  multi - disciplinary .  We are interested in innovative  methodological approaches and theoretical frameworks that can contribute to the development of  empirically grounded theory.  We  welcome submissions  anal yzing the richness of popular  communication  in  matters of memory and human rights ( c ivil, political, economic, social, and  2 cultural ) . We  invite contributions focusing on  grassroots  and mainstream  popular  communication ,  including traditional formats  (theater, film, print,  television, radio ), new media  (social, digital, screen media, video games , mobile phones ), the arts (photography, exhibits,  museums, memorials,  public shrines,  music,  concerts,  performances,  fashion, graphic/comic  books, cartoons), s ports tournaments ,  and  demonstrations . Topics may also include , but are not  limited to:

Theoretical and methodological approaches useful  for r esearching human rights memory  audiences/publics and production processes, and especially, approaches  highlighting  conflicts between dominant/ hegemonic memories and those of the groups contesting  them.

• Audiences/publics’ decoding and use of productions promoting official memories and/or  advancing counter - memory(ies).

• Communication strategies developed by  activists that have been effective tools for  educating, broadening the human rights memory public sphere, generating action, and  opening dialogical spaces (local, global, diasporic). 

• Tactics  for accessing and impacting heterogeneous publics/audiences, an d for  securing  resources for production, distribution, and exhibition (e.g., funding, technology, know - how).

• Production processes documenting and writing memories of ongoing human rights  violations (e.g. digital witnessing of major cur rent crises). Product ion teams’  participation in human rights me

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