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Даты: 20.12.16 — 20.12.16

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Teaching Apps: Integrating New Technologies In Teaching Language Skills
Mobile Technologies For/And Language Learning: Applications For ...
Language Value

- Ubiquitous learning
- Learning and Teaching Methodologies
- Learning Tools
- Hardware / software interfaces
- Dictionary Apps
- Theory, methods and models
- Computer-supported cooperative work
- Computer-mediated lexicography
- Collaborative computing
- Web-based interaction
- Computers and education
- Mobile devices as educational resources
- Learning and Teaching Methodologies
- Evaluation and Assessment of Student Learning
- New Learning/Teaching Models
- Collaborative and Problem-based Learning
- Learning Tools
- Educational Software Experiences
- Videos for Learning
- Architectures, technologies and standards
- User experience design
- Cloud Computing aspects
- MOOC Learning Design
- MOOC Case Studies

Article proposals (c. 1,000-1,500 words), as well as any inquiries regarding the issue, should be sent by email to the journal address ( before 30 October 2016. They shall include information about the method employed and the main results obtained as well as some references to be inserted where appropriate in the main body of the text and in a list of references (not included in the 500 word count). Abstracts will be reviewed by peer referees through a double-blind evaluation process and authors of the selected proposals will be notified no later than 15 November 2016. On acceptance, authors will be required to send full texts of c. 5,000-8,000 words before 20 December 2016. They should be original works, not published or being considered for publication elsewhere, and written in English. Full papers will be independently reviewed by expert reviewers, and authors will be required to meet the suggestions contained in the assessment reports.

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