Effective Treatments for Addictive Disorders

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Даты: 15.01.17 — 15.01.17

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Организаторы: Psychology of Addictive Behaviors



The year 2017 marks the 125th anniversary of APA and the 30th anniversary of Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. To commemorate this occasion, the journal is planning a special section on effective treatments for substance use and other addictive disorders.

Over this past century, the medical profession began recognizing substance use disorders as medical conditions, and treatments have changed markedly, especially in the past few decades with the advent of medications as well as efficacious psychosocial treatments.

For this special section, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors is seeking review articles and meta-analyses of specific interventions.

Examples of topics include (but are not limited to) comprehensive review articles focused on the background and efficacy of:

    motivational enhancement therapy
    brief interventions
    cognitive-behavioral therapy
    contingency management interventions
    pharmacotherapies (methadone, buprenorphine, naloxone, or smoking cessation medications)
    12-step interventions
    mindfulness-based therapies
    family therapies

We also welcome meta-analyses of interventions.

In addition to reviews or meta-analyses of specific interventions, we are encouraging articles examining the efficacy of different interventions within specific populations.

Review papers or meta-analyses may, for example, compare different psychosocial approaches for treating alcohol use disorder, opioid use disorders, stimulant use disorders, marijuana use disorder, smoking, or gambling disorder.

They may also address interventions for substance use disorders in adolescents or older adults, or for common comorbid conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders or schizophrenia and smoking.

Successful papers will provide comprehensive and balanced summaries of the intervention(s), along with evidence of efficacy both in the short and long term.

They will outline the strengths and limitations of the approach(es) and available data, as well as identify areas in which data are lacking or mixed.

Papers should also highlight future directions related to the specific intervention(s).

The special section articles will serve as authoritative reviews of interventions through 2016. They should also guide future efforts to improve treatments and outcomes for addictive behaviors.


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