Organizational Behavior

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Даты: 01.12.16 — 31.12.16

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Организаторы: Behavioral Development Bulletin


 Behavioral Development Bulletin is preparing a special issue on organizational behavior.

The issue will include empirical reports and theoretical reviews of research in organizational behavior. The scope of the manuscripts spans behavioral aspects of individual, group, and organizational levels of analysis.

Almost all current approaches to studying organizational behavior do not take into consideration behavioral developmental stages. On the other hand, most adult developmental approaches do not take into consideration reinforcement contingencies and behavioral economics.

This issue will address both of these perspectives and especially the integration of them.

The application of stage to reinforcement value, for example, emphasizes higher stage reinforcement contingencies. These include task mastery, recognition for task mastery, respect for autonomy, and responsibility in completing a task as well as the prosocial contributions that the work makes.

Submissions are especially welcome that report

    examinations of the development and structure of many types of organizations, including small to extremely large businesses and units within large organizations
    research based on local and global nonprofits
    higher education, both private and public
    political organizations of all stripes

Topics of interest include motivation, ambition, stage, career development, career transition, occupational compatibility, decision making, leadership and management, gender roles in organizations, power relations, behavioral momentum, organizational change, strategy, innovation, creativity, startup success, technological disruptions, research methodologies, and evolution of organization.

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