New Directions in Developmental Science With Marginalized Youth

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Даты: 31.12.16 — 31.12.16

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2016 is the 20th anniversary of the seminal publication of García Coll and colleagues (1996), "An Integrative Model for the Study of Developmental Competencies in Minority Children."

Since its publication, the integrative model has become a landmark guide to research with underprivileged youth, inspiring novel research questions, serving as a blueprint for more than 1,500 studies, and substantially contributing to the advancement of our understanding of the development of minority children.
Special Issue Aims

The goal of this special issue is to publish a collection of articles that

    present advances in developmental sciences in the study of marginalized youth as a function of the conceptual foundation provided by the integrative model
    synthesize the conceptual and empirical work that has been produced since this seminal publication
    provide a critical analysis of current conditions marginalized youth face and the necessary future directions for theory and empirical work to advance a more comprehensive understanding of development

We invite authors to propose new and innovative avenues that are necessary in the next decades to more comprehensively inform the field's understanding of development and adjustment among children who are members of marginalized groups.

Manuscripts including those reporting basic and applied issues related to the development of marginalized youth are welcome but must attend to the focus of the call — the emphasis on new directions.
Additional Details

Marginalized youth include, but are not limited to, children and adolescents from groups that have been traditionally disadvantaged in terms of social status based on their education, ethnicity, geographic or national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or special needs.

We encourage authors to submit theoretical and/or empirical papers that are innovative in nature, challenge traditional assumptions, bridge different scientific disciplines, consolidate research evidence, and have the potential to advance theory, research, and interventions.

Qualitative and quantitative reviews, novel conceptual models, analyses of trends in the research literature, and meta-analyses are welcomed. However, empirical articles that examine the development of marginalized youth without an explicit connection to broader conceptual issues are not suitable.

For instance, empirical studies on acculturation, discrimination, or social exclusion that are not connected to new research directions to improve our understanding of the development of marginalized youth are not appropriate.


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