Mechatronic Design, Control and Strategies for Compliant Robotics

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Даты: 12.12.16 — 12.12.16

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Nowadays robots are frequently used in numerous industrial and medical applications. Currently most robotics systems are still not fully equipped in human-robot co-operating and human-centered service due to uncompliant joint control and unreliable interaction safety. Compliance is an important characteristic that robots should inherit from humans’ natural actuation and interaction behaviors. Involving compliance into current robotics systems can promote their dynamics performance when interacting with human beings and external environment. Moreover, robots under compliance integration may enhance its internal modulation and manipulation elegantly like humans. Compliance design is to play an indispensable role to ensure “more stable, more precise, and more natural” operations for robotics systems.

The goal of this special issue is to bring together scientists and engineers from related research fields to present the latest advances and developments in mechatronics design and control approaches of compliant robotics, especially focusing on compliant robotics for industrial and medical applications. Contributions from theoretical, methodological, conceptual and empirical aspects are welcome.

The themed issue (Vol. 37, No. 3) is expected to be published in July 2017.If you are interested in submitting a contribution, please submit a 100-word abstract to the Guest Editor Prof. Hong Cheng through the following email:
Specific Topics we would like to invite you to submit but not limited to:
For industrial applications:

    Mechanism and for high-precision manipulation in industry
    Precise force and interaction control for industrial robots
    Dexterous hand grasping for precise manipulation tasks
    Vision-servo compliant control of industrial robots
    Strategies for high-precision manipulation inspired by biological systems
    Strategies for high-precision manipulation with low-precision sensing systems with environment constraints
    Safe manipulation planning and control for industrial robots

For medical applications:

    Mechanical design and manufacture assembling of compliant components of medical robotics
    Compliance modeling, identification, control methodologies in medical robotics
    Bio-inspired compliant actuation modeling, design and control
    Cognitive and physical human-robot interaction for medical robotics
    Compliance and admittance control strategies for prosthetics and exoskeletons
    Benchmark design and experimental study for compliant robotics in clinical applications
    Sensor fusion and virtual reality techniques for compliant robotics
    Safety strategies design and implementation for medical robotics


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