Combustion Noise and Instability in Gas Turbines, Rockets, and IC Engines

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Даты: 16.12.16 — 16.12.16

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Организаторы: Journal of Combustion


Combustion is essential to the world’s energy generation and transport needs. Mitigating its impact on the climate and human health, by reducing its associated emissions, is thus a priority.

Combustion noise and instability are becoming increasingly important as major challenges in aeroengines, ground based gas turbines, and rockets as well as diesel engines. This is mainly because next generation combustion devices will be operated under more unsteady combustion conditions, resulting in increased combustion instability and external noise from the combustion.

In the recent literature, many significant contributions to both combustion noise and instability contexts have been provided by several authors. This special issue aims at creating a multidisciplinary forum of discussion on recent advances in studying noise and instability problems from combustion system and in developing reliable active control strategies for their suppression. The accepted papers will show a diversity of new developments in these areas. This issue accepts high quality articles containing original research results as well as review articles of exceptional merit, and it will let the readers of this journal know more about this fundamental area of combustion.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

    Turbulence effects on combustion dynamic
    Noise and acoustics of open turbulent flames
    Rumble and combustion instability in gas turbines
    Direct and indirect noise in combustors
    Impact of turbine on combustion noise and instability
    Biofuel and combustion instability in modern aeroengines
    Combustion noise and instability in the turbocharged diesel engine
    System identification
    Flame response modelling

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