Critical Philosophies of Life

Страна: США

Город: Pittsburgh

Дедлайн: 05.01.2017

Даты: 24.03.17 — 25.03.17

Область наук: Философские;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: [email protected]

Организаторы: Duquesne University


Duquesne Women in Philosophy invites philosophical papers and abstracts on the broad theme of “life.” Full papers of approximately 3000 words suitable for a 20 minute presentation will be prioritized, though long abstracts of a minimum 700 words are also welcome. Preference will be given to papers that engage with normative assumptions and traditional ways of framing the notion of ‘life’ as well as papers from perspectives in feminist, anti-racist, critical philosophies of race, disability, queer, post-colonial studies, and perspectives outside the Western tradition, such as those from Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The conference will take place March24-25 at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Please send submissions prepared for blind review to [email protected] by January 5th 2017.

The conference will prioritize accessibility for all. For any questions or concerns please contact us [email protected].

Notification of acceptance will be sent out by January 15th.

Possible areas include but are not limited to:

    the meaning/character/history of life
    the good life, living well and ways of living
    philosophies of birth, death, pregnancy, illness/disease, aging/maturity
    issues in bioethics
    philosophies of sex, sexuality, gender, bodily difference
    philosophies of biology, history of philosophy of science and medicine
    biopower and biopolitics
    nature, environmental, ecological, and animal philosophies
    life under capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, racism, violence
    eugenics, slavery, life in prison, life-without-parol
    life and the law
    questions from disability studies
    desire, habit, space, the temporality of life
    technology, art, music, beauty, justice

**The conference and roundtable discussion are generously supported by a Hypatia: a journal of feminist philosophy through a Diversity Project Grant, the Department of Philosophy, and the Women and Gender Studies Program at Duquesne University.  Please see our website for details on DWiP and a list of past conferences:

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