Migration, Diaspora, Circulation and Translation

Страна: Ирландия

Город: Dublin

Тезисы до: 15.02.2017

Даты: 05.10.17 — 07.10.17

Область наук: Политология;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: hewitt.33@osu.edu

Организаторы: Charles Brockden Brown Society


Our conference site in Dublin calls to mind issues of migration, immigration, emigration, colonization, revolution, and other changes that result from the movement of people, ideas, and things from one place to another. Such issues were significant in colonial and early national American writing and thought in the long eighteenth century. The current global migration crisis and the recent “Brexit” vote makes these topics timely for reappraisal: as millions of migrants and asylum seekers cross into Europe, the world confronts questions about borders, resources, community, poverty, wealth, understanding of cultural differences, and human rights. The Eleventh Biennial Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society invites papers on all aspects of diaspora, migration, circulation, and translation in the long eighteenth century. The following list offers some examples of suggested topics:


    Texts (letters, periodicals, books, treatises) that migrate from one place to another
    Migration of species, and theories of natural history that involve migration or hibernation
    Spread of genetic material in plants or other living beings; ecological biology, biodiversity, monoculture or related concepts
    Movement of food, drink and other cultural practices related to agriculture, food preparation and/or eating
    Loss inherent in places from which migration takes place on a large scale
    Changing boundaries of nations, places, concepts (gender, childhood, etc.) during the long eighteenth century
    Colonial and/or imperial repercussions of migration
    Representations of Irishness as an unstable category in the long eighteenth century
    Maria Edgeworth’s influence on American texts
    Literary hoaxes and their reliance on dissemination
    Ways that “contagion” works differently than “diaspora” as a trope
    Adaptations, literary influences, allusions, plagiarism, copyright issues
    Charles Brockden Brown’s depiction of migration, circulation, translation
    Migratory labor, including prisoners, apprentices, and chattel slaves
    The effects of borders and border crossing in domestic (national and private) spaces

Although we are an author society, we solicit proposals from a broad range of texts and practices beyond those associated with Brown and his writings alone. We also encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and work emphasizing non-U.S. literatures. Our conference culture aims to create a space of egalitarian consideration free from career-oriented and competitive attitudes, a place for new work to blossom. In this light, we have no concurrent sessions, so that all may be heard by all. Because of time/space constraints, we may ask you to reframe your proposed talk as a brief (5-10 minute) presentation for inclusion within a roundtable format.

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