International Conference on Nation Building and Social Science

Страна: Индонезия

Город: Bandung

Тезисы до: 24.02.2017

Даты: 20.03.17 — 22.03.17

Область наук: Социологические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: ICnaBS


International Conference On Nation Building And Social Science (ICNaBS 2017) is a traditional conference for scholars that welcoming participants from around the world, with broad and diverse research interests. The mission is to become an International Forum, where, civil society organization and representative, businessman, academics and researchers, scholars, scientist and students from all over the world could meet in and exchange ideas to share and to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about business economics and social science environment. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss the latest research that contributes to the sharing of new theoretical, methodological and empirical knowledge and a better understanding in the area of business, economics, managements, entrepreneurship, accounting, banking, finance marketing, ethical business, social and environmental sustainability and cohesion of organization, fair remuneration of workers education, psychology, sociology, political science, computer science, anthropology, philosophy and journalism. The targeted participants are among an academician, businessman, practitioner, professional and post graduate students all around the world. Minimum of 80 papers are expected to be presented in this conference with 60:40 ratio on local and international presenter.

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