Graduate Women in Science

Страна: Variety of countries;

Дедлайн: 13.01.2017



Checklist: (Note: checklist should not be submitted with application)

  1. Application Form - please note there is a 45 minute timeout on the application form page, so we recommend you prepare the answers to longer questions ahead of time in a separate word processor.

  2. A single PDF containing (Note there is a 30 MB size limit):
    1. Abstract of proposed project (written for a non-specialist; maximum of 200 words, 12 point font, margins at least 0.75 inches).

    2. Project Description. The description must be sufficient to allow a reviewer familiar with the general area of the work to evaluate the underlying hypothesis and the methods to be used in the experimental approach. Descriptions should include: a testable hypothesis, specific aims, significance of the project to the applicant's field of study, broad account of experimental techniques and methods to be used to test the hypothesis, including innovative approaches, a brief account of background and preliminary data, some discussion of the expected results, their interpretation, and potential problems.

      This section must not exceed four typed pages, excluding references and figures. If applicants wish to include figures within the main section, they will count towards the four page limit. The description MUST be typed and with a size no smaller than 12 point font. Descriptions may be single or double spaced. Margins should be at least 0.75 inches. More than 4 pages, too small type, photocopy reductions, or "cut-and-paste" to squeeze more material will disqualify an application.

    3. Proposed Budget and Budget Justification.  Fellowships funds may be used for such things as:
      • expendable supplies
      • small equipment to be used by the recipient (not for general use)
      • publication of research findings
      • travel and subsistence while performing field studies
      • travel to another laboratory for collaborative research
      • payment for undergraduate assistants (NOT to exceed 1/3 of the total budget requested)
      • study subjects compensation

      Fellowship funds cannot be used for:
      • salaries
      • tuition
      • child care
      • travel to professional meetings or to begin a new appointment
      • travel to another institution for coursework
      • training or workshops
      • administrative overhead or indirect costs
      • personal computers
      • living allowances

      Award amounts will not exceed $10,000 or specified funds requested in the proposed budget. Any application that submits a budget request in excess of $10,000 (even $1.00 over) is disqualified.

    4. Copies of Animal/Human Subjects Approval OR Collecting Permits. Please scan these items and append to your application.

    5. A letter from the host scientist. If you are asking for funds to travel to another laboratory for collaborative research, please include a letter from the host scientist to provide evidence of this collaboration.


  3. Recommendations Letters.  Two letters, one from an advisor or department head plus one other who is qualified to evaluate the applicant's ability to perform the proposed research are required. An electronic signature should be included if at all possible.  Please ask referees to submit their letters to this form  by January 6, 2017.  While recommendation letters will continue to be accepted through 11:59pm, Eastern Standard Time, January 13, 2017, we advise you to strongly suggest your referees to submit their letters by the earlier date to ensure we receive those letters in time. Applications lacking reference letters will be disqualified and not be send out for review.

  4. Contact Information for Institutional Official to manage your grant expenses if awarded.  If you should be awarded a fellowship, you will be asked for Annual Expense Report in May 2017. Note that this information will be included in the application form.