Breast Emaging Fellowships 2012/2013, Canada

Страна: Канада;

Дедлайн: 01.09.2010



 Job Description: The combined department of Breast Imaging at Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and Women’s College Hospital offers a very comprehensive one-year Breast Imaging fellowship. We offer world class experience with a very large number of clinical cases, leading-edge technology and a comprehensive research program. As a result of our large practice and state of the art technology, we are able to offer our fellows in-depth exposure to all aspects of screening, diagnostic, interventional and research breast imaging experiences. Our graduates have come to us from all different continents and have been successful in continuing in either academic or private practices of their choice in different parts of the world.

Clinical Practice

As the breast imaging fellow, you will have exposure to a high volume of digital screening mammograms, digital diagnostic mammograms, diagnostic ultrasounds, breast MRI and interventional procedures. Specifically, the interventional procedures include: stereotactic core biopsies, both large core and vacuum assisted, ultrasound guided interventions, specifically FNA, core biopsy and needle localization and MRI guided vacuum assisted biopsy and localization procedures, as well as galactography.

There is ample volume of cases from which to learn. Total number of screening/diagnostic mammograms performed across the three Breast Imaging Centres is over 200 per day. Each site performs an average of 15 diagnostic ultrasounds per day, with 3-5 ultrasound or stereotaxic biopsies done daily at each institution. The current number of MRIs currently performed is 60 per week, but that number is expected to increase significantly with the addition of two more dedicated breast MRIs scheduled to be installed in 2008. At that point MR spectroscopy will be added to the arsenal of breast imaging techniques. One of these machines will be 3 Tesla magnet.

All examinations are obtained and reviewed with state-of-the-art technology. We have a total of 7 GE digital mammography machines, 3 upright stereotactic core biopsy units, and one prone stereotactic biopsy table, total of 8 Toshiba ultrasound machines, 1.5 Tesla GE MRI and soon to be installed 3 Tesla Siemens MRI machines.

There are several multidisciplinary breast imaging rounds occurring weekly with review of current cases, presentations of new techniques and advances in the field of breast imaging.


There are numerous opportunities for fellows to develop or continue research in the Breast Imaging Division. We offer on-site clinical research facilities with many dedicated research staff. Ongoing research projects include: 3T MRI of the breast, optical research, laser CT, electrical impedance and many other topics. Additionally, interdisciplinary work is encouraged with several projects done in collaboration with Breast Surgery and Breast Pathology. The fellow will have one day protected academic time for research projects.