Nanoscaled silica filler SaltDenSil for composites

Photo and SEM image with XRD pattern of SaltDenSil  with nano-Ag/nanosilica


Fine powdered material "SaltDenSil" with bulk density  of 300-400 g/L is based on fumed nanosilica with deposited monolayer or multilayers of such inorganic salts as silver nitrate,  copper sulfate or oxide, zinc sulfate or oxide, sodium or potassium  chloride, iodide or phosphate, nanoscaled metallic silver particles, etc. The main feature of SaltDenSil is that all deposits are in nanostructured state that is of importance for highly efficient use of the materials in different applications.

SaltDenSil can be used in a variety of systems aimed for various applications such as:

fillers for lacquers and paints, polymers, composites, etc. to provide the antibacterial properties of the materials due to controlled release of metal salts, active cations and anions into environment;

components of fire-extinguisher powders;

ice-forming agents to affect supercooled clouds and fogs;

components of medicinal contact-type adsorbents with antibacterial properties.

Documents on the developments:

Conclusion of state sanitary-and-epidemiologic examination on 28.05.2013 for the correspondence of complex reagents SaltDenSil to state standards ТU U 20.1-03291669-019:2012

Сomplex reagents SaltDenSil. Technical specifications ТU U 20.1-03291669-019:2013

Certificate on registration of intellectual property rights №51447. Interim technological regulations on production of complex reagents SaltDenSil ТТР 03291669-2012.  – V.M. Gun’ko, E.F. Voronin, L.V. Nosach, E.M. Pakhlov, L.V. Karabanova. Registration date 30.09.2013

Polymer filler possessing bactericide properties includes nanoparticles of silver or salts of silver or copper, which can be varied.  The thickness of the polymer layer, its density and chemical structure allow one to control a release rate of metal ions responsible for the bactericide activity of the composite systems. Additional possibility to change the properties of composites is due to use modified silicas with various surface functionalities or silicas with varied textural characteristics.

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