Adsorption studies of disperse and porous materials by gravimetric adsorption method

High vacuum weighing adsorption facility with a McBain–Bark quartz scale

Adsorption of different adsorbates onto (a) A-300 degassed at 200 °C; (b) fumed alumina (SBET = 133 m2/g) degassed at 200, 600, and  900 °C

Investigations of adsorption of vapors and gases of various nature and structures allow  a deep insight into not only textural characteristics, but also other important properties of disperse and porous materials and their surfaces, hydrophilic or hydrophobic, acidic or basic, or mosaic.

This technique is most appropriate to determine the structural and adsorption characteristics of disperse or porous materials which are stable upon cooling to temperature of liquid nitrogen.

Adsorption isotherm of

- water,

- benzene,

- hexane,

- diethylamine,

- toluene and so on

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