Thermodesorption mass spectrometry study of nanooxides systems

SEM image of primary particles of fumed silica.

TPD MS thermograms of water desorption as a function of temperature for complex nanooxides and distribution function of the activation energy of desorption of water.

Time-of-flight one pass temperature programmed desorption mass spectrometry (TPD MS) as a sensitive method permits to distinguish different types of surface functionalities, and to investigate the influence of adsorption/re-adsorption time on solids, polymers etc. This method helps identify correlations between structure of materials and properties of the interfacial layer.

The TPD MS investigations are carried out in a high vacuum chamber (pressure 10-5 Pa) using a MSC-3 time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Features of the system are fast reaching ultra high vacuum, fresh metal deposition onto chamber walls for experiment cleanliness, small distance between a sample and a detector (0.5 cm) that provides one pass measurement.

Investigations of particles desorption from a surface:

- metals and oxides of metals;

- polymers;

- carbon materials;

- composites;

- porous and nonporous materials.

Provider: Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry (CISC) of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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