Development of enterosorbents for different purposes

Enterosorbents for different purposes are proposed by Department of biomedical problems of surface.

Directions of investigations:

- determination of regularities in substance self-organization in confined space of adsorbent pores, biostructures of cellular or subcellular nature;

- surface influence on parameters of phase transitions involving water and nonpolar liquids;

- the nature of bioactivity of nanosized oxides;

- development of bio-mineral biocompatible composites specific to certain types of drugs.

Practical aspects:

- a new generation of enterosorbents and dietary supplements with a strong antioxidant and immunomodulating activity for treatment of the toxicosis of various etiologies;

- composite systems for the parodontal disease treatment;

- mixtures to protect and stimulate plant growth.

Developments ready for implementation:

1. Dietary supplement "Balzasil"

TI "Technological instruction on production of dietary supplement "Balzasil" 03291669.04-2011"

Certificate № 41289 from 08.12.2011

ТU U 15.8-03291669-016: 2011  №02568182/036938 from 19.10.2011.

2. Dietary supplement "Fitosil"

TI "Technological instruction on production of dietary supplement   "Fitosil" 03291669.005-2013".

Certificate № 51446 from 30.09.2013

ТU U 15.8-03291669-018:2013

№02568182/000182 from 05.02.2014.

3. Product "ЕKOSTIM"

TI "Technological instruction on production of                  product "EKOSTIM"  03291669-006-2013".

Certificate № 51518 from 02.10.2013

ТU U 20.2-03291669-021:2013

№02568182/000122 from 24.12.2013.


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Developer: Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry (CISC) of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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