Pathelen® nanocomposition for wound care

Nanocomposition Pathelen® is manufactured in the pharmacy. It contains ingredients which are allowed for clinical use and certificated in Ukraine:

- nanosized silica,

- polymethylsiloxane,

- decamethoxin,

- benzalconium  chloride,

- metronidazole

Pathelen® belongs to a group of application sorbents with anti-microbial effect.

Medication is helpful for the   care of purulent wounds of various etiology, such as abscess, carbuncul, flegmona, panaricium, trophic ulcer, burns of different stages, «diabetic foot»,  etc.

It is packaged by 2 g or 5 g of powder in plastic containers.

The effectiveness of nanocom-position Pathelen® was proved by a lot of clinical cases accumulated by the surgeons of Kyiv, Dnipro, Vinnytsya and other  cities.

Hospitals in which preparation was examined:

- Vinnytsya National Pyrogov Memorial Medical University (Department of General Surgery),

- Bogomolets National Medical University (Department of  Surgery № 2),

- Vinnytsa Regional Clinical Ho-spital Named After Pyrogov,

- Kyiv Central Military Clinical Hospital,

- Vinnytsya Regional Oncology Hospital.


І.І. Gerashchenko and О.М. Cheplyaka. Pharmaceutical preparation and method of its production and use. European patent PCT/EP2014/073698. Applicant and owner Invenres GmbH, Switzerland.

Developer: Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry (CISC) of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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