ASTM tests for corrosion stability of different materials

Kyiv corrosion laboratory is founded upon Institute of Surface Chemistry in 2003. The laboratory is focused on process, development, investigation and synthesis of paints and varnishes over different metallic substrates.  The laboratory possesses by the unique equipment for corrosion tests (Salt Spay Cabinets, Cyclic Corrosion Chamber, Humidity cabinets, Electrochemical Station, Programmed Ovens and etc.) and supplies all necessary stuffs for preparation and analysis of paints, varnishes and etc. The laboratory received the Ukrainian certificate of Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine.

In Corrosion lab of Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry we are doing such ASTM tests:

Physical testing

D4145-83 Coating Flexibility

D3363-00 Film Hardness

D5402-93 Solvent Rubs

D3359-02 Measuring Adhesion

D714 Degree of Blistering

D523-89 Specular Gloss


B117-03 Salt Spray Test

Cyclic corrosion Test

Humidity Test

Cyclic corrosion Test

Humidity Test

Paint mixing

D1210-96 Dispersion

D4212-99 Viscosity

Surface coating

Zinc-Coated Steel Surfaces, Aluminum-Alloy Surfaces, Preparation of Cold-Rolled Steel,

Producing Films on Test Panels

Applying Coil Coatings

Provider: Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry (CISC) of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine; Tel: +38(044) 424 94 55; Fax: +38(044) 424 35 67; e-mail: