5 th EPNOE International Polysaccharide Conference: Polysaccharides and Polysaccharide-Based Materials: from Science to Industrial Application

Страна: Германия

Город: Erfurt

Тезисы до: 15.03.2017

Даты: 04.09.17 — 07.09.17

Область наук: Химические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: epnoe2017@messe-erfurt.de

Организаторы: American Chemical Society


POLYSACCHARIDES  are  used  for  food , for health  care  and  f o r materials  due  to  their  renewable  character  and  their  low  carbon  footprint.  However,  due  to  the  complexity  of  their  synthesis  in  n ature,  to  the  difficulty  in  dis - assembling  them,  to  the  highly  multidisciplinary  character  of  polysaccharide  research  and  to  the  very  large  variety  of  applications,  there  is  a  need   for   events   where   all   the   scientific   specialties   will   meet. EPNOE   International  Polysaccharide  Conferences  are  now  key  features  of  the  calendar  of  European  scientific  events.  The  conference  has  been  organized  biannually  since  2009. The  conference  aim  is  to  bring together students, scientists and specialists working in industry, universities and research  institutes  to  exchange  experiences,  present  research  results,  develop  a  platform  for  mutual  scientific contacts and intensify academic/industry cooperation.

Since  2013,  the  EPNOE  International  Polysaccharide  Confere nce  has  been  promoted  and  organised  jointly  by  the  European  Polysaccharide  Network  of  Excellence  ( EPNOE )  and  the  Cellulose  and  Renewable  Materials  D ivision  of  the  American  Chemical  Society  ( ACS ). On  behalf of EPNOE and ACS, we have the pleasure to invite y ou to participate .

Scientific Program:

- Polysaccharides  – Resources, Isolation and Standardization 

- Physical  and  Chemical  Characterization  of  Polysaccharides  and  their  Derivatives  in  Bulk,  Solution  and  on  Surfaces  (e.g.,  Molecular  and  S upramolecular  Structure,  Morphology,  Assembling and Dissembling, Interaction with Solvents and Surfaces)

- Biotechnology of Polysaccharides and their Applications (Bacterial Cellulose, Dextran, etc.) 

- Chemistry of Polysaccharides  – Novel Synthesis Paths and New Products 

- Solvents for Polysaccharides for Shaping,  Analy s ing  and Homogeneous Chemistry 

- Fibres,  Films,  Sponges,  Particles  and  Composites  derived  from  Polysaccharides  and  their  Derivatives 

- Nanotechnology  with  Polysaccharides  and  their  Derivatives  (Na nocellulose,  Nanoparticles,  Whiskers) 

- Applications of Polysaccharide s and Polysaccharide Derivatives (Food, Pharma, Cosmetics,  Laundry, and other fields of interest) 

- Pulp and Paper 

- Conversion of Polysaccharide Biomass into Biofuels, Platform Chemicals,  or Energy


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