Seventeenth International Conference on Current Issues of Sustainable Development “Different Views on Sustainable Development: What Is Really Sustainable?”

Страна: Польша

Город: Opole

Тезисы до: 15.03.2017

Даты: 24.04.17 — 25.04.17

Область наук: Экономические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Univeristy of Opole


Seventeenth International Conference on Current Issues of Sustainable Development
“Different views on sustainable development: what is really sustainable?”
24-25 April 2017, Opole, Poland

The need for (more) sustainable development seems to be inevitable due to various symptoms of threats for the present and future well-being of humanity, such as environmental pollution, climate change, depletion of natural resources, different kinds of inequalities around the world, lifestyle and civilisation diseases etc. Although more and more actions and initiatives are undertaken at different levels to handle the problem of unsustainable development, there are still numerous challenges to face. Moreover, complexity and interdependence between social, economic and environmental processes create uncertainty with regard to the real effects of our attempts to make the development more sustainable. For this reason, there is a necessity to analyse direct and indirect impacts of human actions, even when we make efforts to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

The conference aims at creating a scientific forum for presentation of research results, exchange of views and experience and for discussion on issues regarding foundations, conditions as well as challenges for sustainable development.

The general aims of the conference are to discuss and analyse:

    direct and indirect impacts of actions and tools aimed at sustainable development,
    methods and tools which can be used to measure these impacts,
    institutional and governmental framework for sustainable development,
    challenges for sustainable development in different sectors, e.g. transport, energy, waste management etc.,
    the role of technology in building sustainability.

The conference is expected to give an answer on one of the most important questions: do efforts and actions aimed at sustainable development really lead to sustainability?

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