‘Political Sociologies of the Cultural Encounter’: a symposium in memory of Professor Chris Rumford

Страна: Великобритания

Город: London

Тезисы до: 01.03.2017

Даты: 02.06.17 — 02.06.17

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: alistair.brisbourne.2011@live.rhul.ac.uk

Организаторы: University of London


Professor Chris Rumford challenged the idea that globalization was producing ‘one-world’ through a focus on the multiple experiences associated with globalization. He advocated a multi-perspectival account of social science capable of escaping its Eurocentric roots.

In exploring our understanding of borders, of strangers/strangeness, European integration, cosmopolitanism, and globalization, this symposium will provide a space to discuss and build on his contributions to understanding contemporary societies and the transformation of the politics of our time.

We invite proposals that engage with Chris’ multi-fold contributions to political sociology and the study of globalisation as well as the intersection between his research and the politics of our time. Chris emphasised that a ‘one-world’ approach to globalisation was mistaken and that any understanding of globalising processes needed to account for multiple perspectives. So, how can we articulate this convergence of the global with the local in more than a superficial way? Moreover, how can cosmopolitanism respond to recent political events? In Chris’ work the cosmopolitan stranger encouraged a focus on everyday, down-to-earth experiences; how might we talk about the cosmopolitan imagination in such terms? And, how might aspects of strangeness and betweenness impact empirical research? Given recent political events in Europe this symposium will also explore how Chris’ research can help us reappraise European spaces, institutions, and borders.

If anyone is interested in participating in the symposium or art exhibition, we invite contributions that address any of the following areas:

•    European politics and society
•    Cosmopolitanism
•    Aesthetics and imagination
•    Strangers and Strangeness
•    Methodological glocalism
•    Cricket and other sports
•    Literature and film
•    Material culture and ‘things’
•    Globalisation and Global Studies

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