International Conference on Tourism, Travel and Philosophy 2017

Страна: Канада

Город: Ottawa

Тезисы до: 30.03.2017

Даты: 10.05.17 — 12.05.17

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: mail"@"

Организаторы: Core Conferences


ICTTP 2017 is an opportunity for academics, students, scholars, scientists and engineers from around the world who are involved in the study, management, development and implementation of systems and concepts to combat information warfare or to improve information systems security & connected technologies to come together and exchange ideas. This conference is trying to establish itself as a key event for the understanding of threats and risks to information systems, the development of a strong security culture, and incident investigation.

Please consider submitting to this conference. We are interested in the entire range of concepts from theory to practice, including case studies, works-in-progress, and conceptual explorations.

Prospective authors are invited to submit original technical papers by the deadline for publication in the ICTTP 2017 Conference Proceedings and for presentation(s) in the symposia listed below. Deadlines will be strictly matched and late papers will be summarily rejected. The conference welcomes papers on the following (but not limited to) research topics.
Tracks of the Conference

    Hospitality in local cultures History and tourism Heritage and society Enviromental heritage Preservation in nature Aesthetics, ethics and conservation theory of material culture Food across history and heritage The globalization of culture and plants Food, culture and travelling The impact of media in local cultures Work health and safety system Workork health, safety and security objectives Executive, Maanager, Worker Responsibilities Issue resolution and communication Dealing with WHS concerns WHS risk management system Emergency management WHS training Urban and rural development and tourism Case studies for counties, a regions or cities Macroeconomic issues of tourism National and regional tourism policies Hotel, restaurant and travel agency management and marketing Tourism management and marketing Legal issues Critical perspectives Geography and travel Travel, photography, writing and documentation Travel and memory History of travel and geographical exploration Festivals and events in tourism industry Museums and conservation Transportation Concepts: adventure, friendship, confrontation, hotel, road, laziness, nature Travelling and arts Ecotourism and sustainable tourism Events and tourism New destinations Sports tourism Climate and tourism Recreational tourism Tourism, recreation and leisure Tourism research and methodology Philosophy and Religion Philosophy and the Arts Philosophy and Public Policy Philosophy and Technology Philosophy and Culture Philosophy and Education Philosophy and Peace Studies Comparative Philosophy Linguistics, Language and Philosophy Beauty in Art Theory: Understanding of Beauty by Artists and Critics Philosophy and Aesthetics: Definitions of Beauty and Ugliness by Philosophers Beauty of the Art Work and Depiction of Beautiful in Visual Arts, Music and Film Beauty and Ugliness in Literature and Poetry Art Movements Beauty through Ages and in Different Societies Cultural Discourse and Relativity Design, Functionalism and Beauty Machine-Age and Beauty Cosmetics and Fashion Plastic Surgery and Weight Issues in Modern Society Body in Public and Private Life Sex and Eroticism Adornment Understanding of Beauty in Popular Culture Relation to the Concepts of Good and Truth Religion and Sacred Mythology and Fairy Tales Ideology and Politics of Beatiful Racism, Beauty and the Concept of Ideal Hatred and the Ugly Beauty as a Visual Composition Beauty as a Value Beauty, Human Behavior and Character ‘The Beauty of Ugliness’ and Boundaries of the Concepts Ugliness, Anomalies and Otherness Psychology and Psychiatry Darwinian Theories and Biology Nature and environment Branding, Marketing, Advertising Education, Children and Youth Communication and Media

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