Gmunden Retreat on NeuroIS 2017

Страна: Австрия

Город: Gmunden

Тезисы до: 20.03.2017

Даты: 12.06.17 — 14.06.17

Область наук: Технические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Neuro IS


Completed studies (empirical, conceptual, theoretical, and opinion papers) and work-in-progress


    employment of neurophysiological tools to study IS phenomena, e.g., technology adoption, mental workload, website design, flow, irtual worlds, technostress, emotions and human-computer interaction, commerce, social networks, information  behavior, trust, IT security, sability, avatars, music and user interfaces, multitasking, memory, ttention, IS design science, risk, knowledge processes, business process odeling, ERP systems
    application of neuroscience and neurophysiological theories and concepts to advance IS theorizing
    identification of the neural correlates of IS constructs based on neuroscience methods
    software prototypes of NeuroIS applications, which use bio-signals (e.g., EEG, skin conductance, pupil dilation) as system input
    discussion of methodological and ethical issues and evaluation of the status of the NeuroIS field

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