6th UECE Conference on Economic and Financial Adjustments

Страна: Португалия

Город: Lisbon

Тезисы до: 15.05.2017

Даты: 23.06.17 — 23.06.17

Область наук: Экономические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: ueceevents@iseg.ulisboa.pt

Организаторы: University of Lisbon


UECE (Research Unit on Complexity and Economics) and ISEG are organising the 6th UECE Conference on Economic and Financial Adjustments. In this context we invite submissions addressing notably the following issues: economic and financial adjustments; economic imbalances; country issues; challenges to monetary policy and fiscal policies.

Веб-сайт конференции: http://pascal.iseg.utl.pt/%7Euece/events/2017/efae/index.shtml#

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