Postdoctoral Researcher in Life-course studies

Страна: Эстония;

Дедлайн: 17.04.2017



General description
The postdoctoral researcher will participate in the work of the Tallinn University Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Life-course Studies. TU Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Life-course Studies aims to facilitate the initiation and implementation of high level interdisciplinary research projects involving studies of life-course in cooperation with sociologists, demographers and political scientists. The planned research projects will focus on the development of life-courses of different generations and social groups (gender, native origin, health status, social status, education) embedded into current and path dependent institutional and social context.

The postdoctoral position entails self-initiated research related to the abovementioned themes as well as in collaboration with other researchers in Centre of Excellence. Besides, the selected applicant are expected to participate actively in the writing of grant proposals and assisting in organising workshops and conferences.

Job requirements
Applicants should hold a doctoral degree or an equivalent qualification in Sociology, Political Science, Demography or cognate fields awarded within the past five years as of the deadline for the submission of grant application. In case the  applicant was on pregnancy, maternity or parental leave, or in compulsory military service (or equivalent alternative service) after the award of the doctoral degree, the period of qualification is extended by the corresponding period in full months, rounded up to the higher number of months. A doctoral degree defended outside of TU is required in the case of a post-doctoral fellow.

The candidate must fulfil all general requirements of the position of a research fellow stipulated in annex 9 of the Employment Relations Rules of Tallinn University.

Selection criteria will be based on the academic excellence of the applicant and the quality of the proposed research project. The candidate should have a proven capability to publish in academic journals, have excellent analytical and methodological skills, and be able to work both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary research community. The applicant’s experience in the leadership of projects and of successful application for research funding are important selection criteria.

Job responsibilities: According to annex 1 and annex 9 of TLU Employment Relations Rules. Guidelines for the research design and its practical execution will be provided by supervisor of the research project. The postdoctoral researcher position includes teaching in the volume of at least 7-10 ECTS credits during an academic year.

Load: 1,0 FTE.
Salary: To be agreed, according to Tallinn University Remuneration Regulation.
Location: Tallinn.
Language skills: Fluent English (C1) for teaching and research.

This academic position is a temporary position from September 1st 2017 to August 31st  2019.

Additional information: Practical questions on the competition should be directed to, questions about the research project and the nature of the work should be sent to Ellu Saar (

The candidates are expected to submit by 17th April 2017 (including) to Personnel Office of Tallinn University (Narva mnt 25, room T-219, 10120, Tallinn, or digitally signed to, with the title “Academic competition” required application documents.



Selection procedure:

The researchers will be recruited through international competition, in accordance with the Employment Relations Rules of the Tallinn University 

The selection procedure will be carried out by the election committee of the School of Governance, Law and Society, appointed by the director of the same institute.

Selection will follow an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment process that involves the following phases:

6 March 2017  – Announcement of the competition

17 April 2017 – Deadline for the applications

30 April 2017 – Assessment of compliance with the job requirements of the candidates (Personnel Office, Research Administration Office, and Election Committee)

5 May 2017 - The Rector decides whether a candidate will be allowed to participate in the competition or not (on the basis of the documents submitted by the candidate and the opinion of the election committee)

Until 26 May 2017 – II phase of assessment (expert assessments, meetings with the candidates, etc.)

Latest on 22 June 2017 - The election of researcher will be held in academic unit

  • The Personnel Office shall contact every candidate concerning the Rector’s decision and results of the election as soon as possible, but not latest than 2 weeks after the decision.
  • The election committee of the unit, where the elected position is situated, shall contact the candidates to make the agreements of the time, place and topic of the public lecture and meetings, if necessary.