The Art of Resistance: Interdependencies and Co-Becoming

Страна: Ирландия

Город: Dublin

Тезисы до: 31.07.2017

Даты: 17.11.17 — 18.11.17

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: University College Dublin


As we enter our 11th year Sibéal asks us all to Reflect and Resist.  What is resistance?  What are feminist forms of resistance?  Are we living within a culture of cruelty, uninformed, petty and spiteful?  What can we do with anger and grief?  Another world is possible, one in which we learn within freedoms bounded by unfreedom, our common need for sustenance, shelter and care.  We ask for considerations on what social existence is, what creativity means within our current forms of unchosen cohabitation.  We call for celebrations of embodied life and all the joy, pain, longing, grief, love, rage, anger and calm that we live through and alongside.  We call on your stories and memories and the stories and memories of your mothers, grandmothers and ancestors.  Another world is possible, please come join us in thinking it through, in enacting it, it’s whisper, cry, laugh and shout.


Themes might include but need not be limited to the following:

  • The Art of Resistance

  • Memory and Trauma

  • Co-becoming: Philosophical Reflections

  • Embodiment: Gender and Emotion

  • Gender Performativity

  • Transforming Genders

  • Decolonising Spaces

  • Intersectionality and Resistance

  • Spirit and Sustenance

  • Migration and Gender

  • Medical identities, medicalized bodies


  • Institutions in flux

  • Gender and Work

  • Feminism(s)

  • Masculinities

  • Gender and Sexuality

  • Literatures of Resistance

  • Hi(stories) of resistance

  • Sociology, History, History of Art, Theatre, Popular Culture, Music, Law, Politics, Anthropology

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