International scientific conference "Epoch of Melnikov"

Страна: Россия

Город: Saratov

Тезисы до: 15.10.2017

Даты: 27.11.17 — 29.11.17

Область наук: Архитектура;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: [email protected]

Организаторы: Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov


Dear Colleagues,

The Organising Committee invites you to take part in the 3rd International scientific conference “Epoch of Melnikov”, that will take place on November, 27 (Monday) - 29 (Wednesday), 2017.

The annual International scientific conference is devoted to the memory of the Russian and Soviet architect, artist and teacher Konstantin Melnikov, who was working at Saratov Road-Transport Institute about two years (1949-1951).

Konstantin Melnikov (July 22 (August 3) 1890, Moscow, - November 28, 1974) is the Russian and Soviet architect, artist and teacher, honoured architect of the RSFSR, one of leaders of avant-garde soviet architecture in 1923-1933. Konstantin Melnikov carried out 27 architectural projects in real life for all period of his creative biography. We may mention among them: Pavilion of the USSR on the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts (1925, Paris, avenue Cours-la-Reine), Trading Sector of the USSR on the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts (1925, Paris, Esplanade of Invalids), Pavilion of the USSR on the International Fair in Thessaloniki.

This meeting of scientists on crossing of nations, culture and disciplines promises a unique atmosphere for conversation, exchange of information and creations of networks.

Join us for interdisciplinary discussions.

Work of conference is planned on the following topics:

Architecture, Design, Civil Engineering, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy.

Themes of the conference are:

  • Representation of the historical characters and myths, related to personality of Konstantin Melnikov. Actualization of cultural memory;
  • Historical personality in the context of museum space of city;
  • Innovations in architecture, town-planning and design of municipal environment, new technologies in architecture and design;
  • Modern approaches to forming of municipal landscapes and their role in the ecologization of municipal environment;
  • Municipal environment and its "consumer" – the forms of cooperation;
  • Architecture and design of commercial interiors. Professions of creators of the wonderful future or real threat to creation;
  • Co-operation of an architect, a designer and an engineer. Forms of collaboration and measure of responsibility;
  • psychology of art

The collective monograph will be published as a result of the conference.

Application form is required to September, 1, 2017,

e-mail [email protected]

Theses of conference are accepted to October, 15, 2017,

e-mail [email protected]

Articles for the conference are accepted to November, 1, 2017,

e-mail [email protected]

Registration supposes the visit of III of the International scientific conference "Epoch of Melnikov" on arts and humanitarian studies.

Participation by correspondence is possible for international participants.

Registration form must contain the following details:

  • Surname, name, the 2nd name;
  • Photo of an author (as you will);
  • Place of work and position;
  • Scientific degree, rank or membership in creative unions;
  • Post address, contact telephone, e - mail;
  • Title of the report;
  • Theme of the report.

Papers Format:

Thesis are 1-3 pages long.

Article for publication in a collective monograph should be from 16 pages. Thesis and articles should be prepared in a text editor Microsoft Word for Windows. Text should be 14 point Times New Roman, full justified and single spaced. Margins:

Top margin: 25mm

Bottom margin: 25 mm

Left margin: 30 mm

Right margins: 15mm

Indents: 1,25.

The articles will be tested on the system Antiplagiarism, unicity should be no less than 70%.

Structure of the article:

The title of the article is typed in capital letters, semi-bold type, centered on the page; through a line are initials and last name of author (authors), italic, centered on the page, directly under the author’s name is the author’s place of work, e - mail. Further text of the article follows through a line.

References to literature are done on each page, the list of references should be ordered according to their mention in the text.

Pictures should be signed.

The conference participation is free of charge. Publishing of thesis is also free of charge.

Fee for publishing of an article in the collective monograph will be announced later.

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