Libraries, Museums, Archives, and Digital Humanities in Popular Culture Area

Страна: США

Город: Albuquerque

Тезисы до: 22.10.2017

Даты: 07.02.18 — 10.02.18

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Southwest Popular/American Culture Association


The Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Digital Humanities in Popular Culture area solicits paper proposals from librarians, archivists, curators, graduate students, faculty, collectors, writers, independent scholars, and other aficionados (yes! including people who use libraries, archives, and museums!) of popular culture and information settings of all types.  We also encourage proposals for slide shows, video presentations, panels, and roundtables organized around common themes. Proposals on digital humanities and other forms of digital scholarship and data-driven projects are also welcome.

Some suggested topics:

    Histories and profiles of museums, archives, libraries, special collections, and other popular culture resources; a chance to show off what you’ve got to scholars who might want to use it
    Intellectual freedom or cultural sensitivity issues related to popular culture resources
    Book clubs and reading groups, city- or campus-wide reading programs, special exhibits, outreach programs
    Collection and organization of popular culture resources; marketing and ethical issues
    Wikipedia, YouTube, Google books, social networking, EBay, gaming, and their impact on libraries, archives, museums, and popular culture collections
    The role of public libraries, archives, and museums in economic hard times and natural disasters
    Oral history projects
    Digital humanities and other digital/data-based projects on popular culture, the Southwest, and other relevant subjects, both those based in libraries, archives, or museums and those in academia or other organizations.


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