2018 SGO Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer

Страна: США

Город: New Orleans

Тезисы до: 17.11.2017

Даты: 24.03.18 — 27.03.18

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: https://sgo.confex.com/sgo/2018/cfp.cgi

Организаторы: Society of Gynecologic Oncology


SGO encourages all medical professionals who are part of the women's cancer care team to submit original research for peer-review by the 2018 Annual Meeting Program Committee.

Abstract, surgical films, and international session submissions are selected on the basis of scientific merit and are allocated to Scientific Plenary, Education Symposium, Featured Poster or Poster Presentations, or Surgical Film Session through a blinded peer review process. The Program Committee reserves the right to select the most appropriate forum for Presentation.

Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts and surgical films pertaining to the nine key concepts below. Key Concepts should be used as a guide for the peer review process of all submitted abstracts, films, and international session submissions, not as a restriction of topics allowed for submission. Accordingly, please note which key concept is most accurate for the peer reviewer of your abstract. All other topics concerning women's cancer will be accepted for research consideration as well.

    Key Concept 1: Immunotherapy
    Science and Clinical Trials: Basic, translational and clinical studies investigation of tumor immunology and immune environment, immunotherapy based treatment approaches, and novel targets.

    Key Concept 2: Surgical Innovation and Enhanced Recovery
    Improving surgical quality, outcomes, and recovery.

    Key Concept 3: Healthcare Policy and Advocacy
    Initiatives and studies that address policy and advocacy positions aimed at improving access and receipt of care for gynecologic oncology patients.

    Key Concept 4: International Gynecologic Cancer Care and Delivery
    Comparative delivery of International Gynecologic Oncology Cancer and looking at the differentiating standards from International to US of care and cost control.

    Key Concept 5: Precision and Personalized Medicine
    Tumor vulnerabilities, targeted therapies, mechanisms of resistance, and biomarkers for response.

    Key Concept 6: Healthcare Outcomes/Population Health Management
    Cost effectiveness, quality outcomes and quality measures.

    Key Concept 7: Health Disparities in Gynecologic Oncology
    Translational and clinical studies, including health services research, describing disparities in gynecologic cancer treatment receipt and outcome.

    Key Concept 8: Rare Tumors and GTD
    Emerging pathology, treatment and novel therapies in development.

    Key Concept 9: Clinical Trials (in progress or completed)
    From personalized medicine to practice-changing studies in ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers.

    Key Concept 10: Healthcare Provider Wellness
    Work-life balance, understanding sources of stress and coping strategies.

    Key Concept 11: Palliative Care and Patient Reported Outcomes
    Pain and side effect management, survivorship, sexual function, and novel approaches to survival and patient experience.

    Key Concept 12: Education - Surgical and Non-surgical
    Advancement of education and training through novel strategies, simulation, and electronic media.

    *Note: Key Concepts for international session submissions are listed below:
    Link to International Session Submissions details and submission

Other Women's Cancer Topics to Consider:

    Breast Cancer
    Cervical Cancer
    Clinical Practice Issues
    Clinical Trials - Phase I
    Clinical Trials - Ovary/FP/PPC/Breast, Phase II/III
    Clinical Trials - Cervix Phase II/III
    Clinical Trials - Endometrial/Sarcoma, Phase II/III
    Endometrial Cancer
    Public Health/Epidemiology
    Hereditary Cancers & The Role Of Genetics
    Surgical Techniques/ Robotics/Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Supportive Care
    Quality of Life
    GTD/Vulvar & Vaginal Cancers/Rare Tumors/Sarcomas
    Surgical Films
    Translational Research/Basic Science

Objectives, Methods, Results, and Conclusions must be clearly identified within the submission.

Individuals with abstracts selected for presentation will be asked to postpone publication of their manuscript in any journal until the conclusion of the Annual Meeting. Abstracts selected for Scientific Plenary, Education Forum, Featured Poster or Poster Presentations will be published in Gynecologic Oncology. For those authors wishing to submit manuscripts for publication in Gynecologic Oncology, its editors will make every effort to ensure that accepted papers are promptly published after the Annual Meeting.

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