American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting 2018

Страна: США

Город: San Diego.CA

Тезисы до: 07.12.2017

Даты: 21.04.18 — 25.04.18

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: ASBMB


Abstracts submitted by the Dec. 7 deadline will be programmed as poster presentations on any one of the following meeting days, Sunday, April 22 through Tuesday, April 24.  Considered for oral presentation during one of the spotlight sessions will also be given to those abstracts where "oral" or "indifferent," is selected as the presentation preference during the submission process. First authors and the abstract sponsor will receive official programming notifications in early February.  
Click here to view the ASBMB topic categories.   

Be sure to check out our tips and tricks for writing great conference abstracts.

Abstract Submission Guidelines        

    Submission of an abstract to the Experimental Biology Meeting constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to attend the meeting and scientifically defend the work in the format assigned by the society to which you submit.
    The abstract title, authors, affiliations and body of the abstract should not exceed 3,000 characters. Spaces are not included in the character count.   
    There is a $65 nonrefundable abstract submission fee.  This must be paid by credit card before you can complete the submission of your abstract.
    Changes to and Withdrawals of abstracts are subject to the EB abstract policies posted on the abstract submission site.  You must log back into the submission system to request a change to or withdrawal of your abstract.
    If an abstract sponsor is required, coordinate and confirm the details of your abstract sponsor before starting the submission process.

Abstract Sponsor Guidelines

    By agreeing to be named the abstract sponsor, you adhere to the rules and the merit of the abstract submission and presentation. Sponsors of submitted abstracts must confirm that all authors listed on the abstract had a significant role in the research being reported.
    Active, regular ASBMB members may serve as the sponsor of their own abstracts and serve as the sponsor of student non-member abstracts.    
    Associate members (postdoc of no more than 5 years), may sponsor their own abstract submission, but may not serve as sponsor of another author's abstract.  
    Affiliate members may not serve as a sponsor, including sponsoring their own abstract.
    Student authors and Non-members must have a regular member of ASBMB, or one of the other EB sponsoring societies, serve as the sponsor of a submitted abstract.
    Abstracts submitted to ASBMB topic categories may be sponsored by full regular members of any of the other EB-sponsoring societies (AAA, APS, ASBMB, ASIP, ASPET) or the official EB guest societies (refer to for a complete list).


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