Youth Exchange "Discover! Create! Innovate!"

Страна: Литва;

Дедлайн: 24.10.2016




Dates of the project: 1-8 December, 2017
Location: Lithuania, Samogitia district

Project context: In today's society, the entrepreneurial skills are necessary on a daily basis and in all areas of life: while looking for employment, working, creating a business and making important decisions.
The importance of youth entrepreneurship has particularly increased as the labor market in most European countries cannot offer work for a lot of young people. One of the possible solutions for a young person searching for a job - to create one by himself.

The aims of the project:
- to promote youth entrepreneurship in solving employment problems,
- to direct young people to an acquisition of entrepreneurial skills,
- to strengthen the motivation to work.
- to allow the young person to explore his potential and find out what it means to start your own business from the idea to its realization.

Participants: 18-29 y.o. young people from Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Ukraine (8 participants + 2 group leaders from each country)

Accommodation, meals and transportation to the project venue from airport will be provided by the organizers (100%). Travel expenses (up to 275 EUR) will be reimbursed after the project.

Cost of insurance is covered by participants themselves.

Participation fee for the sending organization - 650 UAH


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