Kyiv International University Model United Nations

Страна: Украина;

Дедлайн: 23.11.2017

Тип гранта: Обучение за границей;


Область наук: Политология;


Who are we?

It is a great honor for us to invite you to the Kyiv InternationalUniversity Model United Nations – the biggest international Model United Nations conference in Ukraine! We want to bring Ukraine into the world’s MUN community and make Kyiv a new center of the MUN movement in Eastern Europe. Believing in our goal and being determined to achieve it, we - a group of students from different universities - decided to create the first edition of MUN conference at the Kyiv international University and make it the biggest and most famous one in Ukraine.

Why should you come?

By attending our conference, you will get more than just an excellent experience in the sphere of international relations. Model United Nations is a wonderful opportunity to try yourself as a public speaker, learn how to work in one team with different people and rich a conclusion even in the most difficult cases. Certainly, it is also an amazing chance to discover our gorgeous capital - Kyiv and have fun here.

What is our mission?

We believe that MUN conferences are the best way to make the world closer and increase the level of cooperation between nations all around the world. Both the Secretariat and Organizing team will do our best to make KyIUMUN one of the greatest conference in your lifetime!

Committees of the KyIUMUN
1. UNSC;
3. HRC;
4. ICJ
5. SCC (Special Crisis Committee).


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