German Environmental Foundation Scholarship Programmes

Страна: Германия;

Дедлайн: 15.01.2018



Our aims

  • scientific advancement and innovative solutions for environmental issues
  • support of highly motivated PhD students with projects to be completed within three years
  • qualification of young scientists with high environmental competences
  • networking between environmental experts of all disciplines

What we expect from you

  • you aim at innovative and sustainable solutions for current environmental issues within your PhD thesis
  • above-average university degree; all disciplines are eligible
  • your PhD project covers current environmental topics in Germany or global issues with relevance for Germany
  • sufficient skills of German; application and interview are in German; your PhD thesis has to be undertaken at a German university
  • you have not started your PhD thesis yet; if you have been working scientifically on your topic since more than one year after obtaining your university degree, we consider that you have started your PhD thesis
  • please check our guidelines in German for further information: Förderleitlinien

What we do for you

  • up to 60 PhD scholars are funded per year; you can check our databasefor project examples
  • funding period: 36 months
  • monthly grant: 1.500 €
  • monthly material expenses: 210€
  • further material expenses if applicable
  • support for scholars with children if applicable
  • tutoring by DBU staff
  • one week seminar per year for presenting your results, excursions and interdisciplinary networking
  • support to organize own scientific workshops
  • invitation to events of the DBU
  • networking between scholars and alumni via the web-based platform Stipnet

Application procedure (only available in German)

First of all, please check the requirements detailed in our guidelines in German: Förderleitlinien. You can save a lot of time and work!

  1. register online
  2. complete all required fields and upload a detailed description of your intended research work (check our Förderleitlinien for the outline)
  3. submit all needed documents (check our Förderleitlinien for the details) by regular mail indicating your reference number until 15th of January/ 15th of June respectively (date stamp)