Full-Tuition Scholarships for International Students at Beloit College in USA

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What types of financial aid are available to international students?

Beloit College offers merit-based scholarships —funds that never have to be repaid—to international students. Scholarships are intended to supplement the difference between the cost of a Beloit education and the amount the student and their family is able to pay. Campus employment may be offered to some students to help offset personal expenses. Need-based aid for international students is limited. Loans are not available to international students.

When do I apply for scholarships and financial aid?

All applicants must show proof of financial support as part of the application. Complete one of the required forms and supporting financial documentation (i.e., bank statement, sponsor letter).

  • Beloit College Declaration of Finances-Financial Aid Application online form (please have your supporting financial documents ready to upload)
  • International Student Certification of Finances (for merit-based consideration only)
  • International Student Financial Aid Application (for merit and need-based financial aid consideration)

Submit financial support documentation to us by mail or email in PDF format to schoolforms@beloit.edu.

Does Beloit meet full need for international applicants?

Beloit College values a vibrant international community and awards generous merit-based scholarships to its international applicants. Yet, we cannot guarantee that we can meet the full need of every applicant.

What is the total cost of attendance for Beloit College?

Visit the direct and indirect costs page to learn more about our costs and fee structure.

What advice do you have for international students applying for financial aid?

It is important to be honest in reporting the amount of money you and your family can contribute to your education. You should not over-estimate or under-estimate the amount of money you can contribute. Inaccurate financial support information could factor into final admission decisions.

Does Beloit offer any full-ride or full-tuition scholarships?

Beloit offers a limited number of full-tuition scholarships each year to international students. Although these scholarships cover full-tuition, it is important to keep in mind that the extra cost of room, board, fees, books, personal expenses, and travel are not included. We estimate that a student must have resources of at least $11,000 per year to cover the expenses not included in the full-tuition scholarship.

What kind of merit-based scholarships does Beloit offer?

All candidates for admission are considered for merit-based scholarships. Presidential, Eaton, and Trustee scholarships are available to qualified international students.  These scholarships range from $10,000 to $27,000 per year, for up to four years ($40,000-$108,000).

Beloit College merit-based scholarships can be awarded in combination with other awards up to $32,000. Annual renewal of merit scholarships requires that a student maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress and is not on any warning or probationary status with the Dean of Students Office.

As an international student, am I eligible to work on campus?

Yes, campus employment is available to international students. You can find campus employment guidelines on the International Student Employment page.

I have my financial aid award from Beloit, but my financial situation has now changed.  What should I do?

If your financial situation changes, or there are special circumstances that we should consider, you will need to file an appeal. To file, complete the Request for Reconsideration of Financial Aid (International).

Email completed forms and documentation in PDF format to the Director of International Admission,guthe@beloit.edu.

Who should I contact if I have questions about international student scholarships and financial aid?

All questions and inquiries about international student scholarships and financial aid can be directed to intadmis@beloit.edu.


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