Страна: США

Город: Honolulu

Тезисы до: 15.03.2018

Даты: 16.09.19 — 20.09.19

Область наук: Географические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: info@oceanobs19.net

Организаторы: International Committee


As part of the decadal conference series, OceanObs’19 will galvanize the ocean observing community ranging from scientists to end users. OceanObs’19 seeks to improve response to scientific and societal needs of a fit-for-purpose integrated ocean observing system, for better understanding the environment of the Earth, monitoring climate, and informing adaptation strategies as well as the sustainable use of ocean resources.

OceanObs’99 resulted in an internationally coordinated system for physical climate and ocean carbon observations. OceanObs’09 expanded the range of communities working together to undertake more comprehensive ocean observations, and led to the Framework for Ocean Observing. OceanObs’19 will specifically seek to advance these outcomes by extending the themes in order to reach the full spectrum of ocean communities.

The main goal of the conference will be to further develop effective strategies for a sustained, multidisciplinary and integrated ocean observing system, and to better connect user communities and observers. End user communities include operational users, national and local authorities as well as researchers, from the public and private sectors.  Engagement with international user communities can take diverse forms, including closer interaction to better target their needs for ocean observing networks and derived products while better informing management decisions. OceanObs’19 will continue the tradition of building the vision of ocean users and observers.

Abstract contributions should address improved connections between end users and providers of ocean observations and opportunities for more integration at the global and regional level Additionally, abstracts should focus on (one or more of the following):

        Strategies to address social and economic needs including support for the development of the Blue-Green Economy;
        Innovations in engagement with end user communities.
        Emerging science concepts that require multidisciplinary sustained observations (i.e. biological, biogeochemical, physical, geological, social and economic, etc.);
        The value of ocean observing and their potential relevance in setting priorities for the evolving ocean observing system;
        The requirements for sustaining and enhancing ocean observing capabilities;
        Innovative ocean observing system design and evaluation.
        The development of new observing technologies and networks, including identification of new transformative directions for ocean observing;
        Sharing of good and best practice of ocean observing and information delivery;
        Advances in open data and information sharing, innovative technology and information management systems;
        Observational or observation-model synthesis;
        The need for improved processes to better support research and operations.


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