Prague Euro-ELSO 2018 Congress, the 7th European meeting focused on extracorporeal life support therapies.

Страна: Чехия

Город: Prague

Тезисы до: 01.03.2018

Даты: 23.05.18 — 26.05.18

Область наук: Медицинские;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: GUARANT International spol. s r.o.


Our meeting aims at two main goals. We intend to bring together specialists interested in advanced intensive care and help to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and gaining experiences with refractory hemodynamic and respiratory clinical states. All aspects of extracorporeal support will be covered and discussed. Intensivists, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, paediatric and neonatology specialists, perfusionists and ICU nurses should look forward to finding many inspirations to aid their everyday care and medical routines. Ethicists, health care administrators, logistic specialists and basic research scientists will have an opportunity to discuss the impact of new technologies on health care systems and new directions in research.

The main congress will provide three core parallel educational tracks focused on adult, pediatric and perfusion/nursing topics related to extracorporeal therapies. Preconference in depth sessions will be comprised of an animal lab workshop to demonstrate how to set up an experimental protocol, neonatal and paediatric ECMO course from A to Z, and meet the expert interactive case based discussions.

With location and scientific forefront in mind, Prague, a city of rich culture and history located in the heart of Europe was chosen as the site to build bridges among professionals from around the world. A convenient venue is located 5 minutes from the city centre by public transport, translation services will be provided.

I find it immensely important to note that the ELSO community is an openhearted family. The bond formed by experiencing and sharing emotionally heart-wrenching patient stories firmly aids in building mutual understanding among experts and beginners alike and encourages a universal effort to constantly improve. Sharing experiences, both victories and losses, is an integral part of our meetings.

Come to Prague, present your experiences, ask your questions, and be a part of the exciting ECMO community.

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