Scholarship Program for the Promotion of Early-Career Female Scientists of TU Dresden

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In brief

Within the Scholarship Program for the Promotion of Early-Career Female Scientists at TU Dresden grants can be awarded for women working on their doctoral or postdoctoral degree/habilitation with a full scholarship for up to 3 years. Grants are awarded in accordance with the Stipendienprogramm zur Förderung von Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen der TU Dresden (ohne Medizinische Fakultät) (Scholarship Program for the Promotion of Early-Career Female Scientists of TU Dresden, without Faculty of Medicine) of 26 February 2016 and the general Guideline for Awarding of Scholarships of the budget or third party funding of TU Dresden (Richtlinie für die Vergabe von Stipendien aus Haushalts- oder Drittmitteln der TU Dresden (ohne Medizinische Fakultät). Eligible are all female graduates, who intend to earn a doctoral degree or habilitation at TU Dresden and who are not working more than two years on their doctorate/habilitation, and whose funding by scholarships, third-party funds etc. has ended. The membership at Graduate Academy is mandatory when applying for funding or has to be requested within two months’ time after funding approval.
Funding period: The scholarship is awarded for a maximum period of three years depending on the available budget. The scholarship funding ends with the month in which the dissertation/habilitation thesis is submitted, at the latest after three years.
Extent of funding: The monthly grant consists of EUR 1,365.00 for PhD students and EUR1,750.00 for postdocs, if applicable, a monthly family allowance of EUR 400.00 for the first and EUR 100.00 for each additional child can be paid.   
Application deadline 2018: 31st March
Start of grant: Should your application be successful, the earliest start of grant will be 1st July 2018. The latest possible start of grant will be 1st March 2019.

Information on Application | Application Documents

Call for Applications with references to further mandatory application documents
Online proposal form
1st Letter of Recommendation by your first academic supervisor or young investigator at TU Dresden
2nd Letter of Recommendation from a second academic supervisor, researcher at postdoctoral level or a junior research group leader

An application has to be submitted complete and in time to the Graduate Academy only in accordance to the call for applications.
The selection-relevant application documents (compulsory enclosures), which have to be submitted until the application deadline, can be found in the call for applications.
Once the application has been submitted, no further submissions are possible. Incomplete applications are excluded from the selection procedure for formal reasons.

Information for Awardees in accordance with the scholarship regulation of 13 July 2011

All awardees, who are funded in accordance with the scholarship regulation of 13 July 2011 (that means all scholars who received funding before 2016), can apply for special allowances for material and travel expenses for up to EUR 1,500.00 during the funding period. The prerequisites for granting special allowances are that the expenses are essential for the realisation of the research project, that it is unreasonable for the grantee to pay for the expenses on her own, and that budget funds are available. The Vice-Rector for Research awards the grants on the basis of the decisions made by the former senate committee for early-career scientists.