BCFN YES! Research grant competition 2018

Страна: Variety of countries;

Дедлайн: 14.06.2018

Тип гранта: На научные исследования;

Веб-сайт: barillacfn.com

Область наук: Сельскохозяйственные;


Since the very first edition, BCFN YES! has embodied the identity and the ambition of the BCFN Foundation. Indeed, it brings together young people from around the world, with different disciplinary approaches, and invites them to come up with practical projects to create a better balance between food sustainability and environmental sustainability.

The goal of the contest is to find solutions to the food paradoxes, through innovative, practical and multi-disciplinary ideas.

The 2018 BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition invites young PhD and postdoc researchers from any background and nationality to submit a research project to improve the sustainability of the food system.

The award is a 20.000 € research grant applied to a one-year investigation. A maximum of three teams will be awarded the Research Grant.